Buyers Guide

Building Your Dreams

1. Is it possible to avail a home loan on your projects?
Yes. Our projects are approved by all major banks such as HDFC, SBI, Bank of India etc, and loans can be obtained from these banks as per the terms and conditions of respective bank.

2. How do we proceed to book a villa/apartment in your project?
The first thing to do is to finalize on the villa/apartment type, then call us at 9961591111 /9387214070 and our team will guide you through the process.

3. Is it a mandatory for NRI's residing outside India to come to India at the time of registration of land?
No, its not mandatory but it would be good if you are here at the time of registration of land. If you are unable to come, you can assign residing here to monitor the process. The first page of sale deed shall be sent to your overseas address by courier for your thump impression. The Construction Agreement also shall be sent along for your signature.

4. What are the taxes, other costs & expenses that have to be paid in addition to the cost of Villa given in the website?
A: Taxes that have to be paid with each installment are;
        a) Kerala Government Sales Tax
        b) Central Government Service Tax
B: Taxes to be paid on completion of the villa
        a) One time Building Tax
        b) Annual Municipal Tax
        c) Workers welfare cess

5. What about the home loan for NRI's?
We will forward all documents for signature to your overseas address. In the event that an NRI/buyer is unable to appear in person to execute the documents to avail the Home Loan for purchase of a FLAT/VILLA, then a Power of Attorney (PoA) produced by an authorized person will be sufficient for the purpose.

6. How do we NRIs monitor the progress of the project?
Mails with photographs shall be mailed/sent to all owners on a periodic basis. Also the NRI's can assign someone to monitor the process.

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